The Factory of Fear

The Angstfabriek (Factory of Fear) is an immersive theatre experience in which you dive into the world of fear mongering. Go undercover in this 'fake fear factory' and ask yourself: what do have to be afraid of?

We like to welcome non-Dutch speakers in the Angstfabriek and have made the Angstfabriek available in English on the following dates in The Hague (Huijgenspark):

  • Friday 10th of January
  • Friday 31th of January

This section will give you answers to frequently asked questions about the Angstfabriek

General questions

Where can I visit the Angstfabriek?

The Angstfabriek is located in The Hague in the Huijgenspark (close to station Den Haag HS) from 11 November untill 31 January 2020.

How about accessibility and parking?

The Angstfabriek is located in the Huijgenspark in The Hague. The Angstfabriek can easily be reached by public transportation. Take the train, tram or bus to the Huijgenspark or station Den Haag HS and walk in about 5 minutes towards the Huijgenspark. You will recognize the factory of fear by the front which says 'Angstfabriek'. The Angstfabriek is rather close to the venue called 'De Overkant'.

There is no free parking available near the Angstfabriek.

I’m disabled, can I visit the Angstfabriek?

Yes, definitely! For example, the Angstfabriek is wheelchair friendly.

What about the privacy of my data?

We use the privacy-statement of Critical Mass.

Questions about the tickets

Do I have to print my ticket?

You can either print your ticket or show it on your phone.

Can I make a reservation and finish the payment later?

No, when you make a reservation for a timeslot you should pay for the ticket straight away.

Can I receive a refund if I cancel earlier bought tickets?

No, we don’t offer a refund when bought tickets are being cancelled.

How do the timeslots work?

To offer our visitors the best experience, the Angstfabriek uses timeslots. A timeslot is accessible for a maximum of 6 people with a minimum of 2 people. If you like to visit the Angstfabriek you want to visit the Angstfabriek exclusively with your own friends, then order 6 tickets for the timeslot of your choice.

How long does the experience take?

The experience takes one and a half hour.

At what time should I arrive at the Angstfabriek, before my time slot starts?

We kindly ask you to not arrive too early at the Angstfabriek, due to a lack of space in the building. Up until 5 minutes before your time slot will start, you can ring the doorbell and the receptionist will welcome you. If you arrive after your booked time slot, you will not be allowed in as the experience has started already. Did you arrive the early? We can recommend you to have a drink at one of the venues in the Huijgenspark.

Group bookings for organisations and schools

I would like to do the experience in a bigger group, is this possible?

Yes, definitely! You can register here as a group, organisation or company. For group bookings the Angstfabriek is also available outside regular opening hours. Keep in mind that we have an alternative program for groups. Per group a maximum of 30 people are allowed at the same time.

Another possibility to experience the Angstfabriek as a larger group is to buy tickets for the regular time slots. If you buy the tickets in time slots one after the other, you can experience the Angstfabriek as a group.

I would like to visit the Angstfabriek with a group of students, is this possible?

Yes, definitely! The Angstfabriek is available for students with a minimum age of 15 years and an educational level of mavo/vmbo-t. For schools we offer an additional program in addition to the Angstfabriek pop-up experience. If you like to visit the Angstfabriek with one or more classes, keep in mind that a maximum of 30 students are allowed at the same time. The costs will be € 175 per class, this can also be paid with the Cultuurkaart. You can sign up here.

Contact information

For questions on tickets and time slots, send an e-mail to

For general questions about the Angstfabriek, send an e-mail to On working days you can contact Critical Mass by phone; 030-2714956.